Your Favourite Dances

To make sure the DJs have the music for Celebrate Dance, could you let me know your five favourite line dances, could be old and/or new? Just add them as a comment.   Don’t worry if you duplicate someone else’s choice, I will note the number of dancers who want a particular dance for the DJs.  e.g.  Ain’t Misbehavin’  5
We won’t have a playlist but this way at least the DJs will be prepared for local requests.
You can also add them on the facebook page  CD Facebook Page
or you can add them by clicking on the title ‘Your Favourite Dances’ and sending them in the ‘Reply” box.

6 thoughts on “Your Favourite Dances

  1. Gypsy Queen, This is not Goodbye (Johnny Reid song) danced to Donna Laurin’s Little Rumba, Tango with me Darling, Malaika (song by Mombasa Roots)

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