Celebrate Dance in Toronto 2021 Update

Hi Everyone,

Tina and I want to let you know that both the Canadian Line Dance Classic (March) and Celebrate Dance (June) will, unfortunately, NOT take place in 2021.

We’re both saddened by this news but don’t think either Canada or the US will be ready for people to gather for large events and, there’s always the possibility that the borders will still be closed.  We understand everyone would like things to go back to the way they were but, unfortunately, we don’t think that will be in time for our events to run this year.

We’re checking with our hotels and staff and hope to secure them for 2022 and will let you all know once everything is firmed up. 

Tina and I are both doing well and we hope you are too!  We look forward to seeing everyone again once this pandemic is over.  I’m sure there’ll be lots to catch up on!  Please take care of yourself, your family, your friends and, most of all…stay safe!

Virtual hugs to all of you!

Judy & Tina 

Judy McDonald & Tina Veliotis
Event Directors
Canadian Line Dance Classic
March 2022
Celebrate Dance in Toronto
June 2022
416-220-5688 Judy cell
773-633-7555 Tina cell


4 thoughts on “Celebrate Dance in Toronto 2021 Update

  1. Thanks, Judy, for the update. I highly doubt if we will be having ours either.

    Hugs back to both of you!


  2. TY Judy….for the information!!  Looking forward to the day of being able to gather to dance together…workshops & events.  Even in Syracuse…our classes are still only via Zoom!  I am thankful for it…don’t get me wrong…but so enjoy the events!!  Hoping that by Nov that rosie’s event NYSOL will be a GO this year!! Stay well!!  :)Patti Bullock

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