A Good Time Was Had By All!!

Celebrate Dance we did this past weekend. It was a real treat to have the wonderfully talented Guillaume Richard with us as well as Rebecca Lee whose dynamism impressed all. You wouldn’t believe that Rebecca traveled all the way from Malyasia just for the weekend!!! I shall never complain about a short trip ever again!!

John Robinson was back entertaining and keeping us laughin’ as always, Tina Foster taught with clarity and humour and we will never forget Gerard Murphy’s costume (I don’t know if he can ever top this one!). Rhoda Lai is Canada’s rising star, making us proud, with full classes. Event DirectorJudy found time from her busy schedule to teach and I would like to thank everyone who came to my classes, you were a patient and fun group of dancers..

Jill Babinec wore two hats, one behind the controls at the DJ Booth and the other as instructor (or at least we learnt when we weren’t doubled over with laughter!).

The dance floors were laid during the day and dancing started right on time on the Thursday evening. Jill kept the floor full with a mix of dances for all levels. At the Friday and Saturday evening Dances DJ Lynn Warden, a favourite with the dancers, took over the second Hall to play easier requests. Thanks to both DJs who did a great job.

In addition on both Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9 there was warm-up dancing with DJ Eddie who was very alert as to what the dancers would enjoy.

There were three classes taught simultaneously with a wide range of levels and music choices, as follows:

Choreographed by the Instructor unless noted:

Nice to Meet Ya (I) (Verdonk, Trepat, Bartolomei) / Never Let You Go (B/I) (w Sarlemijn) /Vanotek Cha (I) (O’Reilly) / Long Train Runnin’ (I) (Christian) / Funk It Out (B/I) (Poulsen) / Hooked On Country (B/I) Miranda)
Boots (I) (Glover) / The Good Parts (I) (Glass) / Pull You Through (I) / I Close My Eyes (B) (Pace) / Colorado Girl (B) (Albro) / Doing The Walk (I) (Van Grootel et al) / Havana Cha (B/I) (Vos
I Did (I) / Bring Me The Night (I/A) / You Make Me Feel (I) / Naked (w Blevins) (I/A) / Man Of The Woods (B/I) / Everybody’s Got Somebody (B)
Get Wavey (A) (w Madge, Johnson) / Lights Down Low (I) (w/Mundy) / One for LDF (B/I) / Let You Be Right (I) (w Sobrielo) / Good Vibration (A) (w Madge)
It’ll Be (I) (Steele / On The Loose (B/I) (Vos) / It Had To Be You (B) (Russell) / Waiting On You (I) / Forever Swing (B) (Weisburd)
Ultra Violet (I) / Why Do Fools (B) (Lafferty) / Hey You (B) / Oh Henry (B/I) (w Brady) / Sherry Baby (B/I) / My Way (I) / Daybreak (I)
GUILLAUME RICHARD Make Way (I) (w Whitehouse/Steele) / Working On Me (I) (w Snooke/Kinser/Verdonk/Dahlgren) / Always Let You Down (B/I) (w Belloque Vane) / A Bitter Lullaby (B/I) / Consequences (A) (w Snooke/Dahlgren/Kinser)
Play That Sax (I) (Metzger) / Touche (I) / Charlie’s Got It Goin’ On (I) (Shores)
Lucky Boy’s Dream (B/I) (Glover) / The Drifter (B/I) (Hickie/Vassell) / Home We’ll Go (I) / Celtic Duo (I) (Gallagher/O’Reilly) / Let U Be Right (B/I) / La Culpa (B) (Speck)

Many thanks to the “Behind The Scenes Crew”, the flowers really added to the festive atmosphere and Christine and Sue welcomed all comers with smiling faces. Unfortunately Sue had a nasty fall and ended up in ER but is doing well now. I am sure she appreciated the card with all the get well wishes.

Thanks to Eve for MCing the Saturday show that featured stunning performances from Guillaume and Rebecca. Thanks to John for his cute routine for the Instructors which included a tree!!! Check out the photos!!

Thanks also to Event Directors Judy and Tina who were appreciative of everyone who attended and hope to see you all in 2019, June 20-23, to join them with Guest Instructors Maggie Gallagher, Darren Bailey & Friends.