CD! is an exciting four day event held in the spectacular city of Toronto, Canada, that begins on Thursday evening with a Welcome Dance and is followed by three full days of workshops with two more Evening Dances.   There is a **Dedicated Beginner Room ALL weekend**

For 2017 (June 22-25) there is an impressive list of internationally renowned instructors and DJs from Europe, the US and Canada, who will be there to teach you, as follows:

  • Roy Hadisubroto
  • Neville & Jule
  • Jamie Marshall
  • Joey Warren
  • Lorenzo Evans
  • Trevor Thornton
  • Rhoda Lai
  • Judy McDonald
  • Vivienne Scott
  • JP Potter
  • Fred Buckley (DJ)
  • Lynn Warden (DJ)

If you would like more information about the event contact Judy McDonald  or  Tina Veloitis

Information about Toronto attractions

For access to downtown Toronto check the following links:

The 192 Rocket

Up Express

Toronto Subway System

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