Thanks so much for coming!

Celebrate Dance! is over for another year, the weekend seemed to fly by! The dancers danced until the very last minute in one of the rooms while the floors were being taken up in the others. That was a huge job as you can see from the two hardy floor picker-upper laborers Tina and Cam!! Judy still had lots of behind the scenes work to do as well. I know all their hard work was much appreciated by the dancers.

Lots of smiles and hugs and “See you next year” as dancers left. Thanks so much to everyone who came, photos and more details will be coming soon. Meanwhile hope everyone had and is having a smooth trip home be it close or far away. Until next year!!

Why did we decide to take up this floor?!!!!!!!

Exciting new addition to 2017 Staff

You will all be excited to know that **JOEY WARREN** will be joining the staff of Celebrate Dance! 2017.   Do pass the word along and join us for a terrific event,  June 22-25.

Some terrific Instructors are now booked for 2017

You can download the flyer and registration form under the ‘Registration’ link but here are your exciting Instructors for 2017



DATE: JUNE 22-25 2017

Do come and join us.

Message from Judy McDonald, Event Director

So…floors have been taken up, sound equipment has been returned and we’re finally recouping from a fabulous weekend with friends from around the world! Thanks to everyone who came and joined us at Celebrate Dance! Tina and I are very grateful to you for helping to make the event a success. We had a terrific group of instructors (Fred Whitehouse, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Guyton Mundy, John Robinson, Lorenzo GoLo Evans, Gerard Murphy, Jill Babinec, Tina Godin Foster, Vivienne Scott and Fred Buckley) who taught a variety of dance styles and skill levels and kept everyone hopping all weekend. Thanks to each and every one of you…you’re all very special to us.

Special thanks to Donna Laurin for running registration for us, and Vivienne Scott for handling our promotions all year. Also, thanks to Tina and Irvin Foster for their beautiful balloon decorations, and to Suzanne Rodgers and Melissa Adams for their volunteer services on registration, doors and raffles. Irvin also served as door monitor extraordinaire and Julie Ellis kept the staff fed in our hospitality room. And we couldn’t do any of this without our super DJ’s Jill Babinec, Lynn Warden and Fred Buckley. Tina Foster also closed out the event with open dancing on Sunday.

We hope you’ll be able to join us next year when we have Roy Hadisubroto, Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris joining us, along with a few others we still have to confirm. I’ll be posting more details on staff as well as a booking code for the hotel, so keep checking here for the information plus registration form and flyer.  The dates will be June 22-25 2017.