**Guillaume Richard**


Unfortunately, Roy Hadisubroto is unable to be with us at Celebrate Dance this year, but we’re very fortunate to have Guillaume Richard coming to join us! Guillaume was a HUGE hit when he was with us for the Canadian Line Dance Classic last month and he’s excited to be coming back to Toronto in June. We’ve also recently added Gerard Murphy to our line-up, who hasn’t been in the Toronto area for a few years so we’re excited he’s joining us as well.

You can still pre-register before May 11th and, if you haven’t booked your hotel room yet, you can still do so here on the website.

Guillaume photo

2 thoughts on “**Guillaume Richard**

  1. I did not receive any posts on celebrate dance 2018 request lists and final list. Some of our members are interested in celebrate dance 2018 evening dances and were asking the lists for consideration. I wonder if you can send me the request lists for this year to I can forward to the members of Kindred Culture?

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